The Base of Healthy Dining

Why we must eat healthy foods?

You must know, you are nothing without foods. That is simple. Our energy comes from food. This energy is our brain and our organs’ mover. If you don’t eat “good” foods, your body haven’t enough energy and your body doesn’t work normally.

Got it? Good!

Here my basic concept: Think of your body like a car.

Imagine, you have a sport car. You are out of fuel, so you go to gas station. There are two types of fuel:

  • A higher-grade fuel (yes, it’s a bit expensive)
  • The lower-grade fuel

If you buy the first fuel, your car will be fast, and you can feel the horses under the hood. But! If you buy the cheaper, your horses will not faster than the other cars. (So why you bought them?! )

So if you buy the higher-grade healthy food, your body will be grateful and you will be feel yourself better than before!

If you devote your time, your award will be time!

The basic questions for choose foods are these:

  • This food is give me energy or it will exhaust it from me?
  • My feel will be better or worse?
  • In short-time period and in long-time period, it will construct my organs or it will destruct them?


I think, it was enough for today..

I will continue on next Wednesday! Till than, if you eat something let remember these questions!

Bye, Adam.







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