Rock-Climbing I


Hi guys! I’m here again. My wrist is better than at the last occasion. Well, I will write down one of my projects. I called it: “Build a climbing wall into the school’s qymnasium.”

The story began four months ago. I went to a trip with my buddy (that’s another story 😉 ), and we survived.

When we went to school on Monday, we talked with our history teacher. He is a very adventuorus and funny man. We invited him into our “team”.

He hasn’t got too much time, but he agreed! He said, his old dream is going to the Dolomits, and go on a Via Ferrata (Klettersteig) trip.

That was a perfect moment. I took a smile and I said: “Okay! Than, we will go there! ”

In a week, we started plan the expedition. That wasn’t too easy, and it wasn’t too cheap.

To be continued on next Story Sunday!

Bye, Adam

(This post from my older blog.) (I don’t own the picture! )



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