The 80:20 rule

Hi there! On last Wednesday I talked about The Base of Healthy Dining . On this Wednesday, I will continue this theme.

If you eat just good foods, it can be boring. What is the solution?

The 80:20 rule. That means you eat healthy in 80% of your time and in the last 20% of time, you can eat anything. (Of course with moderation!)

That is too hard plan for you?

No problem! You can choose from this rule sets too: 50:50, 60:40, 70:30 (that’s so close!)

That rules can’t be difficult. Just start it!

Then, comes the third most important thing. The calorie content.

Here is an example. We eat 380 calories.

First way:

1 bag crisps = 230 calories

1 thick slices toast (from white bread) = 79 calories

1 half-sweet whole grain biscuit = 71 calories

Second way:

1/2 avocado = 160 calories

40g humus +1/2 pepper =70 calories

3 dates + 3 walnuts = 150 calories

The first or the second way healthier?

The second way. There are so many fiber in it. Good for the skin and for the blood sugar.

Thank for reading!

See you on next Wednesday!



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