Rock-Climbing II

Hi everyone! Here is the continue of the previous “Rock-Climbing” post.

So.. We started plan the expedition. We searched some camping, and some Via Ferrata routes and we found about 18-20 routes but from this 10 was really hard. We started brainstorming and we stand-in that we must get some experience first.

Before we started the preparation for this my teacher told me he don’t have enough mony, because his daughter goes to Denmark to university and they must go to there too.

That was a bad news for us.

Few days after that he made a contact one of his class’ child. This guy is a rock climber.

I spoke with he and we went to climb a wall.

That was very difficult for me but the habit in the room was must go up on the wall at the firs time.

“I must get fitter for this” I said.

After the wall we go to the boulder room. That was a bit funnier than the wall. Of course, that was more difficult than wall. I can just on the easiest way climb up.

I learned a lot from this and I will better in this.

The continue will come soon.

Thanks for reading!

Have a good day!



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