Sugar and carbonhydrate

These thing are in so many foods but they aren’t same. There are two types of carbohydrates: Refined and crude.

Crude carbohydrates:

Our organs are convert them to smaller glucose units. The glucose is our brain and our muscles fuel.

At some foods the conversion is fast at other foods it slow. In common that carbohydrate have more fibre wich’s conversion is slower. The fibres are important in digestion. They lodge the water and our entrails will be thankful.

We must eat 30 Gramms of fibres per day. That is the minimum.

Full of crude carbohydrate:

  • Broccoli
  • White cabbage; Savoy cabbage;
  • Pea
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Oat

Refined carbohydrate:

The aren’t too many grain in them, so they haven’t any good attributes and to top it all their conversion is very fast so they are goes through your body too fast. That’s a problem. If you eat a lot of them you ‘ll be stay hungry.

The sugar:

The sugar is a kind os carbohydrate. It’s everywhere. Our brain is love the sugar because so many energy can come from it.

When we eat carbohydrates sugar too our glucose level will be higher. Our pancreas (to move down the glucose level) start make insulin. The unuseful glucose will stored in the muscles and in the liver. Their capacity isn’t endless so when it becomes full, the glucose in them converting to fat and we’ll be fat.

Here’s the end. Thank you for reading!



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