How to choose climbing shoes?


When you are going to climbing, you’ll need good climbing shoes. There are so many types of shoes in the market. How can you choose?

The three types of shoes:

  • Lace-up: This is good for long routes on the wall. You can set easily the tense.
  • with Velcro: This is good for everywhere. It is alloyed the lace-up shoes and the step-in shoes.
  • Step-in: In common, it is good for indoor climbing.

If you have chosen the type here is the consideration of size-choosing:

  • It must be tight.
  • You must take 50 steps on your toe finger in the shoe. If you can, the shoes will good.
  • The shoe can’t slip off your heel. (If you are beginner it isn’t too important)

Here are two more links:

I hope I can help you! Write your opinion for me here!

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