Liquid intake

Two years ago I didn’t drink too much water. I didn’t like the taste of it. On one of my adventures, I could try the cave-water. It was clear, cold and it had an unbelievable taste. One year ago I walked 15 km without water in 35 Celsius. It was terrible. From then, I like water. I try to drink enough water  every day.

Why do you need water? How much water must you intake?

Your body’s 60% is water. If this percentage is high you’ll die. If it is too low, you’ll die too. You can stabilize this level with enough intake.

How much is “enough intake”?

It is about 1,5-5 l per day. This will increase when you do some exercise, you are in a tropic zone etc.

What kind of water does need to drink? Tap water?

If it’s possible don’t drink tap water. There are a lot of bad things in it. The best way is to drink artesian water. It is clear and it is full of good mineral supplements. There some water in the market what are just filtered tap water! Be careful!

Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget drink water every day. Minimum 2 liters!







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