How to be motivated? (Motivation II.)

The motivation is very important. If you haven’t got motivation, your life will be slow and every hard challenge will be a wall, which you won’t break trough easily. It’s good?


Every people have different things which motivate them. It’s not too difficult to find your motivation!

First of all, you will need a dream. Go out and start thinking! What is the thing, which you do when you don’t need to earn money? It can be anything. Anyway, if you found this thing, you sat the “finish line”.

In your life, you will do decisions. When you can’t make one of this decisions just think on this: It will go closer to my “finish line”? If the answer is “Yes“, choose that option!

Okay. Now you have a dream and you know how to make decisions. BUT! Sometimes you will be very unmotivated. (Don’t worry, it is normal)

In this case, I’m read one of my favorite books. (Now I’m reading Bear Grylls’ Mud, Sweet, and Tears. It’s very good book in every age.) After reading I’m always motivated. (Thank you Bear!)

So, now you know how to be motivated!

Every people want to be motivated. When you read this line, you will know the “secret” of motivation. You can make your friends’ day good, just motivate them! They will be more positive and your environment will better! (This is good for everyone!) So please do this! It is free and your “reward” will be priceless. Everyone will smile near you!

Thank you for reading!

Have a good day,



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