The base of training

There are 650 muscles in a human body. They are moving you. That is clear for everyone. Most of us don’t climb, run and hunt all day, but our body isn’t planned for sit in one place all day every day. Some of us go to the local gym and do exercises. Some of us put their running shoes on and go running. That is good!

Those who doesn’t do any sports just sit in front of their computer’s screen the muscles won’t grow and they couldn’t live an adventurous life.

You need power when you in a wild, or do any outdoor thing. For this power, you need to do some exercises!

These are the base exercises of training:

  • Push-up
  • Pull-up
  • Squat

They aren’t too complicated. But to be better you must stretch and you must have a very good spine. My trainer says: “What doesn’t stretch, that break”. So please don’t forget to stretch! You need a strong backbone because you can’t do your training with back pain!

How to get a brutal healthy spine?

Do yoga exercises or do “bridge“! The best is: Do both! (I can’t do the bridge, but I’m on it 😀 )

You do any sport?

If “yes” thank you for reading! Please write your opinion in the comment! I’m really interested in!

If “no” the following words for you: Go and buy a pair of running shoes. Take on them and go running! In the first week run on 3 days and just 3-4kms. I will write a plan for the 2 months. You can try it! (I’m not a certificated trainer so don’t follow my instruction without thinking! It is for you! Do it for yourself! You can write your plans too!)

Thanks for reading!



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