De Quervain Syndrome


Ok, I have this syndrome. It is painful and the treatments can be painful too. This is a kind of tendonitis. The thumb’s tendonitis. There are two tunnels in wrist and two tendons goes in them. The causes are sport, texting on phone , write so anything what charge your wrist and your tendons.

The tr220px-Gray424eatments aren’t too complicated. In first round just don’t use your hand, relax it. If the pain stay in place you can ask for cortisol (steroid) injection. If you have De Quervain syndrome, it will be more difficult for the doctor than a simple tendoniti, because this tendonsheat have some compartments. Don’t worry, he/she can do this. It is a routine injection. Your last chance is operation. It is abot 10 minutes long. In the morning you go to the hospital. They do the operation. You will go home in the evening. The recovery period will be 4-6 week long.

Before every workouts do warm-up! This is very important!

Thanks for reading,


P.S: I am not a doctor! If you feel pain go to doctor!


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