About me

Hi, my name is Adam Nagy. I live in Hungary. I write this blog because I want to share my life’s best moments and I want to share my knowledge about anything that I do. My exemplar is the famous British adventurer, Bear Grylls.

What I do?

I like to travel but I can’t travel too much. I’m kayaking 6 years ago and my best place was “Student Olympic, 500m K1 1st place”. (K1 is a type of flat water kayaks). In last year I started scouting. I think it is good so I want to make the first test. I started wall climbing too but it is just a hobby right now. Last but not least I’m a hobby runner. That means I perform the half-marathon twice. (In one month 😀 )

My plans?

If I grow up, I want to be an adventurer. Really.

My English knowledge

I write this blog in English because I want better in it. Although in my English group in school, I’m one of the best students I can get mistakes in my texts. I’m sorry for them. Anyway, please enjoy my post!

Thanks the read! Please look around on my blog!